About me

I am an adult female and have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder only a few months ago. This is following years of GP visits, which included lots of prescribed medications for anxiety and depression, as well as other unsuccessful counselling interventions. All it took was for one psychiatrist to make the suggestion that I could have autism and suddenly, things have begun to fall into place (finally!)

I am a teacher in my eighth year of teaching in primary schools. Although the job is challenging, I find that I relate to children really well and even share similar interests! I am also beginning to realise how my autism can often be my superpower in teaching.

I really love all things Disney and Harry Potter, to the point that these are some of the only times I become really animated! I also have a love of gymnastics as I used to be a gymnast in my younger years. I find music can be really soothing and love listening to anything by Sia! – I think it helps to know that even really successful people have had their fair share of difficulties in life and that there is hope.